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The Challenge-Eliminate Data Backlog

A leading hospital providing world-class technology, service and research was experiencing data backlog when using staff members who had other primary duties. A new Quality Director realized the hospital was not achieving the abstraction it required.

Not only was the client several months behind in its abstraction, the cases that were being populated were frequently incomplete and did not conform to specific data definitions. The result was low quality and almost unusable performance improvement reports.

The Quality Director’s objective was to efficiently collect and harness data that would be effective for freeing up time and helping the department focus on performance improvement.

After review of the expense, turnover, and training required to complete abstraction with internal resources, our client concluded that it would be in the hospital’s best interest to outsource its data abstraction to Navion.  

The Response -Navion’s Ncompass Software

Navion Health Solutions implemented outsourced abstraction and its Ncompass registry software to streamline data entry and provide powerful reporting.

Upochart on clipboardn agreement execution, Navion’s cloud-based web application, Ncompass, was ready for immediate use. The Navion implementation team conducted an EMR review meeting with the client to understand all of its unique processes and documentation conventions.

Additionally, Navion worked with the client to identify a retroactive start date that was aligned with the client’s required reporting period. Navion re-abstracted several months of data to ensure the entire reporting period contained high quality data, eliminated the backlog, and now keeps the data current within weeks of patient discharge. 

The Value 

Timely data that is trusted is a powerful tool. Prior to Navion, the client had challenges with physicians and other clinicians questioning and doubting the hospital’s data.

Data Abstraction

Our Data Abstraction page has more information about what makes us stand out from other data registry companies.

With abstractor reliability and Ncompass reporting, our client trusts Navion’s data entirely. Easy access to critical reporting has enabled clinicians to identify their fallouts and outliers, resolve the issues and improve their patient outcomes, evidenced by declining rates for re-admissions and increasing rates for cardiac rehabilitation referral. 

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