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The Challenge – Accurate Data

In the healthcare industry, data-driven insights are a necessity. Data must be accurate, reliable, and timely, in order to elevate a quality program to the next level. A leading heart and vascular institute previously used another vendor for registry software and reporting but was frustrated and dissatisfied with reports that did not provide aligned data. The overseeing manager sought to find a program that provided easy data entry and reports that were applicable, reliable, and accurate. 

The Solution – Outsourced Abstraction

Navion Healthcare Solutions implemented outsourced abstraction along with Ncompass. This cloud-based registry software streamlines data and provides powerful reporting.folder with checkmarks on it

Upon agreement execution, Navion’s cloud-based web application, Ncompass, was ready for immediate use. The Ncompass data validation rules have proven tremendously valuable to identify any errors in real-time during the data entry process. Registry measures are also calculated within Ncompass as part of each case data entry completion, so the abstractor knows if there are any errors, outliers/fallouts, non-compliant measures, or other complications. All of these measures are automatically pulled into Ncompass reports and available for review within standard dashboards and detailed drill-down reports.

Building on the data quality provided through the system validation rules, Navion’s staff is constantly monitoring registry measure algorithms to ensure calculations are accurate and correspond to the periodic release of national registry outcomes reports. 

The Value of Outsourcing Data Abstraction

Since the Ncompass installation, our client has freed up time that can now be spent engaging with the data and communicating it to the physicians and staff. Additionally, there have been several quantifiable patient outcomes that have been improved: 

  • Post PCI: 3 days -> 2 days  
  • Infections for Open-heart Patient: 4% -> 2%  
  • Appropriate use criteria: 11% -> 2-3%.  
  • Discharge medications – close to 100% 
  • Beta blocker 90% -> 100% 

How Much Could You Save Outsourcing Your Data Abstraction?

We have a calculator here where you can easily see what your savings would be.

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